Military Men Exposed

Who is Jim?

Men, Men, Men, well MILITARYmen, are what I like! For many years now I have been, probably like you, a huge fan of amateur military porn. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and, of course, Marines! There is something very masculine and unpretentious about a man in (and out of) uniform. I have for many years been in awe of the many producers who came before me, who have a seemingly never-ending stream of masculine, straight, clean-cut men enter their spider web and do some amazing things for an eager camera, to be shared with the likes of you and me. I will freely admit that I myself am an amateur,very much like the men who I have seduced into working for me. I still find it a challenge (but an exciting one) to get a totally heterosexual man to come over, strip naked for me, and do things sexually in front of me, or perhaps WITH me or another man, all the while being recorded on video.

The Men

My interest is military men, more specifically MARINES! These men, to me, are the fittest, most masculine, and most Bad Ass of all the services. They seem to dominate the communities that surround Marine bases; they can be easily spotted by the short haircut, erect posture, and the incredible politeness that the Marine Corps seems to pound into them during their training. They can be easily found in the community's local watering holes, where copious amounts of booze are consumed and camaraderie abounds. This is a fertile recruiting environment for the likes of people like me! One of my first Marine models was "Jack", who was 21 years old when I filmed him. He is the kind of Marine who all us Marine lovers dream about—tall (6'2''), built with 200 lbs. of man muscle, a beautiful Marine tattoo, and a nice solid 8 inch dick. Jack was interested in making a few bucks so he could go get more pussy! He went on to a big porn career, doing gay porn using the name Cameron Sage, and straight porn using Seth Dickens, which he still does to this day. I'm proud to say that I gave him his start (and his first blow job from a guy!!) Don't miss this scene! Marines will be the primary focus of, but occasionally I will include some other men from the Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard.

The Videos

As I said, this is Amateur porn. These men are just regular heterosexual military men motivated to make a few bucks, and maybe find a little adventure along the way! But these guys also, for the most part, enjoy being fussed over, courted, and seduced - even if it is by a guy! Seduced into doing things for my camera, to be enjoyed by me AND you. Some scenes will be interview style, where we get to know something about the guy as a person, as they are physically and sexually. Some scenes will just be sex, with very little discussion, if any. As time goes by and I become more skilled at betting more out of these men, I hope you will be here to share in the adventure. And I hope you will tune in each week as I continue to add more guys for your viewing pleasure. Your support is valued and will ensure for you a steady stream of beefy, studly, masculine military men here on

Thanks, Jim